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Mural Galleries

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Girl's Murals

In the Girls Galleries you will find a variety of paintings featuring Princesses, Castles and many other familiar favourites.

I paint a huge variety of characters and scenes in many different styles. If you cannot find what you are looking for, that's probably because I haven't painted it yet.

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Boy's Murals

The boy's Galleries are noticably different from the girls in their subject matter. Here you will find the popular Heroe's and Villains and sports themes to boot.

I have painted popular characters over and over again.  I have even painted children into their own mural as one of the heroes.

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School Murals

Here you will find murals painted for Schools and nurseries.
The Corridor areas and washrooms seem to be a popular location for a mural. The occasional playground piece is also commissioned, which requires more specialised paints.

The murals add an exciting splash of colour to the surroundings.

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Themed Murals

In the Themed Galleries, you will find murals painted for non gender specific environments. The other themed murals have been painted for Man Caves and She Sheds.

The themes can be varied and diverse and create an exciting visual impact

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