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The proprietor Andy Pinder, muralist and painter of Kids Art murals shall be referred to within these terms and conditions as: “Kids Art Murals”. The Client or any persons representing or acting their behalf, shall be referred to as the: “Client” or “Clients” jointly. Any drawing, sketch or painting either created by hand or digitally, shall be referred to as: “mural/wall board or artwork” or “commission”

1. Pictorial Content

Kids Art Murals and the client shall agree the pictorial content of the proposed mural/wall board or artwork by discussion, scaled down drawing, or sketch. The preliminary drawings will be supplied to the client as a paper copy print out or supplied as a digital image and sent via e-mail. Estimates given over the telephone or by e-mail and without sight of the final location and condition of the wall/s to be painted, may be subject to price variation. The Kids Art Mural will be sketched out using reference material sourced and supplied either by Kids Art Murals, or possibly a sample that the client may have. This will ensure the accuracy and proportions of the character or subject matter to be painted. There may be a piece of reference material that is exactly what the client wants. In this case a layout will be supplied to show scale, cropping and the composition of the Mural. Kids Art Murals reserve the rights to source any reference material that will enhance or improve the final artwork.

2. Commission Purchase Orders

Once the proposed mural has been agreed, Kids Art Murals request a written or verbal commission purchase order. This can be given as either a hard paper copy, e-mail, SMS text, or verbal instruction to paint the agreed mural.

3. Set Up Fee

Once the content of the proposed mural/wall board or artwork has been finalised by any method as described in section (1), an initial set up fee will be required from the client to cover costs against the design of the mural and for the purchase of materials or existing stock materials. This set up fee is usually 20% of the mural fee. The mural fee shall also include a stock materials charge of 10%. Any other special paint mixes required will be charged at cost directly to the client. The set up fee and will be deducted from the final invoice or payment owing, for the mural/wall board or artwork. This amount may be higher in the event that Kids Art murals engages an external supplier to produce vinyl pvc foamex wall boards. The commission purchase order will include this set up fee as proof of payment/receipt. The set up fee will be deducted from the amount outstanding and shown on the final invoice.

4. Completion and Invoicing

Upon completion of the mural/wall board or artwork the client will be supplied by Kids Art Murals, with a final invoice, showing any deductions which the client may of paid for as a set up fee. The payment of this balance will be required upon presentation of the invoice by e-mail or otherwise.

5. Payment

Payment methods are currently by cheque, bank draft, bank transfer by BACS payment or cash transaction. All payments should be made payable to the proprietor Andy Pinder. Bank details for the purposes of all payments including those of internet banking, or BACS transfer, will appear on the clients invoice or commission purchase order.

6. Abiding Conditions

It will be considered by Kids Art murals that any client commissioning a mural/wall board or artwork, shall of had sight of these terms and conditions and that they have been made clearly available to them via the Kids Art Murals website, e-mail or paper copy and shall of fully understood them and agree to abide and be bound by them.

7. Preparation

Before any Kids Art Mural can begin, the wall to be painted should be smooth, clean and free from any grease or grime. This preparation work is to be carried out by the client, however, if it is more convenient then this work can be undertaken by Kids Art Murals for an additional fee. Two coats of white vinyl matt emulsion should be applied. This depends on the final background colour that will be applied to the mural. Clients are requested to prepare the walls by cleaning with sugar soap at least 48 hours before painting is due to commence. A cleaned and prepared wall will create a better surface for the mural paints to adhere to and will avoid any future peeling or flaking.   If requested, an acrylic varnish may be applied. For interior mural work this is normally not necessary unless it is for a high usage item such as a door, toy box or other painted furniture. A small fee would be charged for this additional coating.

8. Cancellation

A client wishing to cancel a Kids Art murals may do so by giving notice either verbally, or in writing to Kids Art murals within 5 days of the agreed start date of the commission. The initial set up fee, may not be refunded which is used to part purchase artists materials, wall boards, or any other items pertaining to the commission.

9. Cancellation during mural work

If the cancellation of a mural/wall board or artwork occurs whilst in progress and is either being painted at the client’s property or off site as a wall board, vinyl pvc foamex or other material, then payment for the work undertaken to that point, will be calculated against the agreed commission fee. The payment of this amount will be required upon presentation of an invoice for the incomplete work/s and no refund of the set up fee will be given for partly used materials or other items.